miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Acción de Gracias por la Acción Ejecutiva


In august 2005, President Obama was quoted: when I sit down with my six-year-old and my three-year-old at night and I'm reading a book to them and then I tuck them in to go to sleep, that's a little piece of heaven that I hang onto.

Many parents this thanksgiving will have the same reflection, the same gratitude to hold onto a piece of heaven with the president's executive action last week.

DAPA program will allow parents to be thankful that there will be work permits and a process to be documented yet not as citizens.

The little piece of heaven is contingent on Congressional legislative action to pass a comprehensive bill that will transform the immigration system.

After 19 days of fasting in front of the White House I finally saw the President in person in my hometown Chicago with many of my fellow immigrant rights colleagues.

After years of marches, fast for families fasting tent in Dc, a northern bus route in the Midwest  (one of two buses through 75 congressional districts); a 48 hour fast of 100+women we belong together and countless meetings with both Democrats and republicans in Dc as well as their home district offices, the announcement finally came. 4 millions of people have much to be thankful for this thanksgiving day: work permits and the ability to pay taxes.

I know many have said that the negotiation process to get to that number was more than choosing lucky numbers in a lottery or numbers and colors at a Las Vegas casino roulette table.

After waiting 6 years on completion of a campaign promise, we received word of what to be grateful for post midterm elections. Many are neither confident or trusting of either party yet remain focused on lifting the electorate to be more engaged into the debate and discussion of immigration reform. Why? Because we are and always be a nation of immigrants.

Neither Maria in Orlando or Juan in Connecticut can fully be thankful until the process is deciphered and transparent understanding requirements of the registration period.

On a day that is recognized as a day where the native Americans and pilgrims shared the same table, we are closer yet not seated at the table. To be seated at the table means a pathway to a complete citizenship package.  That would require administrative processing through several departments.

((((Just as chief Seattle knew that all wold not be lost all would not be won as well. )))

More workers for industries that need workers namely the agricultural and technology sectors was a major accomplishment. Those employers can be thankful.

The network of national organizations should call upon the event memory of the 1986 amnesty where we all fell short of ensuring that the system worked during that opportunity created by then President Ronald Reagan.

Yes we are thankful, Mr President, for the opportunity to keep working and contributing, weaving ourselves into our American fabric.

As we know thanksgiving day tradition started, we commemorate our native ancestors and thank them for solidifying our legacy in this great country. May our children remember the good times and never forget the cost of freedom during a change in this country's legacy of deportations.

We have much work to do to be effectively thankful. May God bless America!

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